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Thursday, October 29, 2015

Senate Confirms Rotimi Amaechi as a Minister Of the Federal Republic Of Nigeria

Rotimi Amaechi have been confirmed as a minister of the Federal republic of Nigeria by APC senators who remained in the senate after PDP staged a walk out.

PDP senators asked saraki not to confirm Amaechi as a minister as he was yet to answer the corruption charges against him at the appeal court. However, APC senator rejected the recommendation of the Ethics and priviledge committee's which recommended that the Rotimi Amaechi should not be confirmed as Minister because of the corruption charges that he is yet to answer to at the appeal court and confirmed Amaechi as a minister of the Federal Republic.

PDP senator walked out of the session. Another loss for PDP.

What are you thoughts on this issue?

Is This Most Creative Halloween Outfit Yet? - PHOTOS

With only a day left until Halloween Model Micaela Schafer who previously added a third boob to her chest for the occasion and has gone even further this year. Model Micaela Schafer paints her naked body as a skeleton.

She plastered her body with dark grey paint to model a skeleton look for a shoot at Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany .

Micaela bared her breasts once more and painted her head a skin colour to make her appear bald.

More photos after the cut...

Nigeria's Vice-President Osinbajo's Wife, Dolapo Osinbajo Joins Instagram

The wife of vice-president Yemi Osinbajo, Dolapo Osinbajo, has join photo-sharing site, Instagram with the Instagram username @dolapoosinbajo, and at the time time of posting,  she has 1,729followers.

Since joining the photo-blogging site, she has so far posted 5 images, including a post about the 2015 Cancer Summit in Abuja, a post of one her doing charity work, one of her talking about her love fpor Nigeria and one of her and her husband, which was taken on the day of their inauguration.

Photo of her Instagram page below and she follows no one;

14 Things People Wished They'd Known About Sex Sooner

Sex isn’t always all that sexy, especially when you’re first starting out.

There’s weird noises, odd smells and generally just a whole lot of awkwardness.

But no one tells you about that, until it’s too late and you’re left wondering if you’re just doing it wrong.

So the people of Whisper have helpfully shared the stuff they wish they’d known about sex earlier on in life. You probably didn’t learn this in sex ed.

1. The smell of sex is the best and worst thing you’ll ever smell.

2. It’s okay to be kinky. It makes sex a whole lot of fun.

2-year-old North West Says "No Pictures" To Paparazzi - Watch Video

What a life North West must be having, growig with the camera always in you faces. That can be tiring, especially when all you want is to be left alone like Nori is in this video as makes her way to her ballerina classes with her nanny.

The 2-year-old was arriving her ballet class with her nanny when she walked into a horde of paparazzi waiting to take pictures of her.  Nori who was trying to keep up with her nanny who was walking fast had to voice out ''I said no pictures!" 

Watch the video below:

Can You Spot Why This Teacher Failed Primary School Pupil For Answering 5x3=15 In Maths Test?

5 times 3 is equal to 15 right? So why did this teacher fail her pupil for giving the answer to 5x3=15?

The teacher has awarded him a score of -1 in his test regardless of the fact that most of his answers were correct but here is the thing, the student rough workings out show that the student worked out the sum total by writing 3 '5's instead of 5 '3's meaning he wrote 3x5 instead of 5x3, though both gives you 15, it was the way the student worked out that made him/her fail the test.

They have had the same problem on the next question solving the sum 6 times 4 instead of 4 times 6.

Fuel Scarcity Hits Lagos, Anambra, Northern States

Fuel scarcity hit Lagos, Anambra and some Northern states on October 28 as long queue of vehicles were seen at different filling stations.

Though some of the independent traders in Lagos claimed that fuel was not available for sale, some other were selling the product at the rate of N120 per litre rather than the official pump price of N87.

However, some filling stations at Iyana-Ejigbo area were under lock and keys while others were selling at high price. When the reporter of Daily Post tried to ask one of the fuel attendants, she simply answered, ‘go and ask Buhari’.

A motorcyclist, who gave his name as Oriade said that he managed to buy five litres from black marketers for N700.

“Bro, I just bought five litres for N700 around Chris Idowu. This sudden fuel scarcity is annoying. I have gone to all the filling stations around Ejigbo here but no one is selling. Even the people selling are killing us with price, aside the queue”, she said. Oriade called on the federal government to do something about it before it went out of control,” he said.

HOTNESS ALERT: Cristiano Ronaldo's Ex Girlfriend Irina Shayk Flaunts Sexy Body As She Strips For Sexy Lingerie Photoshoot

Irina has been chosen as face of lingerie brand Clover’s fall/winter 2015 collection.

And to promote the brand, new images of Irina Shayk's stunning photoshoot for the brand have been released, showcasing the beautiful sexy model in sexy lingerie.

The 29-year-old star looks sensational in the seductive portfolio of shots, which see her modelling a range of satin and lace-trimmed undergarments.

This lady is sooooooooooo hot! can't believe Cristiano Ronaldo let her go. Current boyfriend actor Jake Gyllenhaal is a lucky man.

More photos below:

Emir Sanusi Strips Late Kano Emir Ado Bayero's Eldest Son, Of His Title, Orders Replacement Effective Immediately

The emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sunusi II, has stripped the eldest son of the late Emir Ado Bayero, Lamido Bayero, of his traditional title of Ciroman Kano and District Head of Gwale.

It  gathered that a few months after ascending the throne, the new emir wrote to Mr. Bayero, seeking him to return to his duty as Ciroman Kano and District Head of Gwale.

Palace sources told PREMIUM TIMES that Mr. Bayero’s refusal to either reply the letter or report to the palace, angered the emir.

The issue however died down when Mr. Bayero was appointed managing director of the Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA, by former President Goodluck Jonathan.

Radio Biafra's Nnamdi Kanu Caught On Tape Soliciting For Arms To Fight Nigeria

The director of pirate radio station, Nnamdi Kanu has been detained after being arrested by Nigeria’s Secret Police last week

A new video as emerged online that shows Radio biafra Director, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu asking for weapons, guns, and bullets from his US based Igbo audience, to fight Nigeria at the 2015 World Igbo Congress.

A pro-APC group, ENDS.ng uploaded a video of Nnamdi Kanu speaking at the 2015 World Igbo Congress in the United States.

He alleged in the video that Boko Haram is "everywhere in the zoo army, zoo police, zoo navy" and would soon over-run Igbo land so therefore, Igbos need to arm themselves to defend against an assault from Boko Haram. He also declared that he doesn’t live in London anymore, "I now live in Biafra land" and the "oil and gas comes from our land".

Read The Full Text of New Ooni's Of Ife Acceptance Speech

The handsome young monarch, Prince Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi 41, gave the public a peak into the inspiring story of his life's struggles in his acceptance speech.

Read the full speech below;

"I have a story to tell the world and most importantly the people of Ile-Ife. About 40 years ago, I was born into the Giesi Ruling House, Ojaja Royal Compound in the ancient city of Ile-Ife.

From birth, my life has been a journey; one that I embarked on, saddled with great conscientiousness when I became a responsible father at the age of 19, which shaped and groomed me for greater challenges ahead.

To cater for my family as a young father, I became very enterprising with the knack of building something out of nothing. This certainly increased my temperament for being successful in all my endeavours, as well as towing the right path as a responsible father.

Vic O Murders Meek Mill Again In New Meek Mill's Diss Track AK47

Vic O PR skills is definitely awesome as he knows how to gain some 15 minutes of fame for himself whenever the opportunity present itself like in this case.

Not too long after dropping his diss track to Drake & Meek Mill. Vic O is back again with another diss track where he murdered Meek Mill for dissing label mate Wale.

While this song is too hilarious and wack, I will give Vic O a 5-star for his confidence in what he does.

Listen to the track below and just have a good laugh this morning. What a way to start your day;

Woman Who Uses Her Menstrual Flow To Cook Food For Hubby Says It Helps Keep Her Marriage

This sounds like what we see in Nollywood movies but this time is no fiction but reality.

A Nigerian lady came out to narrate that using her menstrual flow to cook meals for her husband has been holding her marriage together.

The woman said the method has been working like magic for her aunt who has been involved in it for 12 years and that it is working for her, boasting that since she has been using menstrual blood to cook for her hubby, her husband worships the very ground she walks on and she also said she has no regrets so long as the method works.

Read what she wrote below:

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Cossy Ojiakor Shows Off Her Massive Boobs As Poses Topless In Bed - +20 PHOTOS

Cossy who is on a movie set shows off her massive 'German Juice' on Instagram. She said she has been drinking. Guess she is not runk yet as she still had the decency to cover her nipples.

She captioned the pics;

"Hmmmmmm. Forgive me though... I have been drinking... Drinking a lot on set of Uju Edochies movie... Anyway am soo... Had to take this pix to ease the pressure am getting down..."

"Hahaha... This bed is so unsexy... If I make a move I may be electrocuted. Chilling with ifeoma okeke... Wish my man is here... Crying... I want sooooo bad."

Another pic below:

Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi Makes Royal Arrival To Ife

There was jubilation as the new Ooni of Ife, Adeyeye Ogunwusi, who is 41-year-old arrived in Ile Ife at exactly 2.15pm on Wednesday afternoon.

He was received at Ibadan-Ife expressway by Ife chiefs, led by the Lowa Adimula, Oba Joseph Ijaodola.

The new monarch was conveyed to the end of the toll gate in a black car together with the Chairman of the Screening Committee of the Giesi Ruling House, Prof. Adekanye Aderibigbe.

Ogunwusi was first received by his father, who introduced him to the chiefs, led by Ijaodola. He consulted with the chiefs for about three minutes before he boarded the car that conveyed him to the old toll gate.

Wife Puts Hot Water On Her Husband For Sleeping With Her Mother - (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

They say that 'hell has no fury as a woman scorned' and this was the case here as a woman scared her husband for having an affair with her mother.

The journalist ,Micheal Effiong who shared the photo said that a scorned wife disfigured her skirt-chasing husband with hot water for having an affair with her own mother and asked if it was lawful for the wife to do this or not.

What do you guys think? Did she go far or did he deserve it? Well I think this is too much and wonder what she did to her mom.

'I Didn't Get An Oil Well Or Anything From Jonathan' - Edwin Clark Opens Up

Chief Edwin Clark, has dismissed insinuations that he betrayed Goodluck Jonathan by reportedly saying the ex-President lacked the political will to fight corruption, noting that he was maliciously misconstrued.

In a letter, Chief Edwin Clark exonerated himself from the various allegations of betrayal levelled against him, and claimed that associates of the ex-President and some party leaders  sabotaged Jonathan.

In a 3,902-word letter, he further defended the former leader’s anti-corruption record, noting that his attempt to probe former Heads of State, who were fingered in high profile corruption cases, was frustrated by some officials in Jonathan’s government.

He wrote: 

Beards Are 'Unhygienic' And Worn By 'Cheats And Thieves' - Research claims

According to a new survey men with beards are more likely to be ‘unhygienic, cheats and thieves.

Research conducted by Censuswide revealed that 65% of women were unhappy with bearded men, and half saying they wouldn’t consider dating a bearded man because they cheat more than clean shaven men.

The survey , said that nearly half of women surveyed – 44% – feel that big beards are unhygienic and a massive 62% of women said they preferred the clean-shaven look.

Of men questioned, 45% of men with a goatee said they’d been involved in a fight – and a further 40% of goatee guys admitted to having stolen.

A massive 47% almost half of those with long mustaches said they’d been unfaithful to a partner , while just 20% of clean-shaven chaps had.

35% of females asked said they'd rather see a man with grey hair rather than a big bushy beard.

So there you have guys, ladies love the clean shave and not the beard gang like most of you think. So sweetie go shave off those beards *wink*.

Khloé Kardashian Says That Calling Off Divorce Doesn’t Mean She's Back With Lamar

Khloé Kardashian and Lamar Odom may have called off their divorce following his near-death overdose but that doesn’t mean the couple are back together.

In an exclusive interview with People from the Lamar bedside, Khloe explains why the divorce was called off and what it means for the couple.

Khloe said;

"I pulled back on the divorce because there is no rush for it. For medical reasons and a ton of other things, it’s just smarter that it’s put on hold (speaking “in whispers” as Odom lay nearby).

"But that does not mean I’m back with Lamar. It’s not even in our brains to think about us having a relationship. Only time will tell."

"There is a very long road ahead of him, and he has to walk that road by himself," she said.

MUST READ: What Makes People Change After Marriage - Actor Ik Ogbonna's Wife Sonia Ogbonna Shares Her Thoughts

In her latest blog post titled "What makes people 'change' after they get married?", Colombian Sonia Ogbonna who got married to Nollywood actor Ik Ogbonna a couple of months back, talks about the changes that can occur in a marriage and how to keep things fresh. Very interesting piece and a must read.

She shared this on her blog. She wrote;

Did you hear people complaining how “things always change after you get married “? Like, all enjoyment and fun vanish and get replaced with nagging, drama, tension, complains even regrets. How one or another partner “changed”, became “cold”, and things are simply not the same anymore.